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Propane, isn't just for the Grill

Propane can be used for more than grilling
When it comes to grilling there are two popular ways to do it, propane or charcoal. If you've ever watched King of the Hill, Hank swears by propane as the way to go for grilling.  Propane isn't just for grilling, it can be used for whole home comfort.

Most of the top heating equipment companies offer boilers or furnaces heated by propane in a similar way to Oil.  Propane at the home requires a tank, just like a gas grill, but tanks for home heat are much larger.  The tanks can be vertical or horizontal and come in sizes that vary from  100 gallons to over 250.  Propane set ups can feature multiple tanks and tank above or below ground.  Below ground set ups are more common in new home constructions but can be added to older homes, keep in mind that your yard will be dug up as a result.

Once the tanks are set, what can be fueled with propane other than a grill? Your boiler/furnace, dryer, pool heater, generator, water heater, oven/stove, o…

Home Comfort During Severe Weather Situation

Do you fear the power going out during a weather storm? New England experiences a wide array of weather, from ice storms and Nor'easters  to thunderstorms, hurricanes, and the occasional tornado. 
The snow storm of 2011, the ice storm this past year, hurricane Sandy, numerous thunderstorms, all of these have resulted in a lost of power.  What if you didn't have to worry about losing power during these weather events? Automatic standby generators offer a constant back up encase the main supply is lost.  In the winter time a generator will help to keep the heat in your home running and the flow of hot water in your pipes going.  While in the summer time you won't have to worry about losing the food in your fridge or freezer if the power is out for an extended period of time. For homeowners with a sump pump, backup generators will keep power to the pump, keeping your basement from flooding during a thunderstorm.

Automatic standby generators are different then their portable coun…

Summer Energy Tips

Summer sun and Air Conditioning Summer means beaches, barbecues, and hot summer days. While us New Englanders can't wait for the brutally cold winters to come to an end and the warm summer air. That summer sun means turning on the AC and fearing the electric bill.
How do you beat the heat without breaking the bank? Heading to the beach for a swim and a day by the beach is always an option. Pools are great for cooling off but the pump and a heater will also increase your electric use. Here are some tips for saving energy this summer without increasing your electricity demand too much.
First when you should and shouldn't use a standing or ceiling fan. Fans can circulate the air out of a room, fans will only cool people. The cooling effect that is felt from a fan is from the wind chill that is created. You should only use a fan while someone is in the room. 
Those of you that are lucky to have central air throughout the home or have mini-split air conditioners, more those later, sho…