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Service Calls

What do you expect when you need service on your heating system?It's the middle of the night in the middle of winter and you wake up to a freezing house, your first thought maybe "why isn't the heat on". So you check the thermostat, it reads that the temperature is much below what you set it at. Your next step is head downstairs and check the heating system. Come to find out it isn't running, what do you do?
First check a few things. Does your tank have oil it? When the temperature drops you may begin to burn more fuel than you anticipated and a run out may be the culprit. Many full service companies will be able to deliver an emergency amount of fuel to get you through the night until a more substantial amount of fuel can be delivered. Has your emergency on/off switch been flipped for some reason? This can usually be found heading down to your basement or around the heating system itself. You can also hit the burner reset button once and only once. If any of thes…

The Cold Weather is Here!

Are you ready for the cold weather?This past weekend we saw and felt the first glimpse of winter or at least the cold weather that is associated with it. A lot of people may have turned on their heat for the first time, if they hadn't already.  That begs the question, were or are you ready for the cold weather?
When it comes to oil heated homes there are a few things to think about when you get ready for the heating season. First think back to last year, were you happy with the amount you ended up paying during the heating season. If you weren't happy there are a few things that you could do now to prepare.  Think back to when your heating system was last serviced or tuned-up. If it's been more than a year, this could be negatively effecting your heating system's performance.  If your system was serviced but you weren't happy, maybe it's time to look into a new heating system. A new heating may not save you money a first but over time you will burn less fuel, sa…