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Annual Maintenance

For a long lasting, energy efficient heating system, annual maintenance is a must.Every year you get an inspection for your vehicle to make sure that everything is running as it should so small issues don't become big problems.  Every so many miles you get a oil change, tire rotation, and have the air pressure checked in your tires. This is to ensure that your car stays at a peck level of operation, the same goes for a long lasting, energy efficient heating system.

Annual maintenance, annual tune-up, or any of the other names that all mean having your heating system looked at is the easiest way to ensure that your heating system is running properly and will continue to run.  These type of service allows for a trained technician to thoroughly look over all of the components in your heating system, especially the burner.

The burner is where the fuel that is used to heat your home is compressed into a fine mist that is then burned and transferred into heat for your home. The nozzle tha…

Home Show Season

It's show season, from boats to homes to cars and everything in between.After the frozen snowy winter that the Northeast is just barely get out of. Show season has started up and is here to get us out of our warm homes that we've bunker'd down in for the past month.
Today, March 5th is the RIBA Home Show at the RI Convention Center and tomorrow starts the Worcester Home Show at the DCU Center.  Both of these show last through the weekend and are great opportunities to escape from the winter cabin fever many New Englander's are experiencing this winter.
Historically home shows are great way to find companies that can help with Spring and Summer spruces up. Whether it's new floors, a new room, an entire new home, or new home comfort equipment.
From modern heating boilers and furnaces to energy efficient Central and Ductless air conditioners all will be on hand at the Home Shows. This is a great time to talk trained knowledgeable men and women in the industry and ask the…