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Mass Save Rebates

Who worked hard this winter, shoveling, scraping, and brushing the snow?
As the end of January came the real winter weather entered, which as we all know and can't wait to forget brought record snow fall after record snow fall.  The months of February and March were one the snowiest and coldest months that we've seen in awhile. The Blizzard of 2015 dumped a whopping 36 inches in Auburn, MA, 34.5 inches in Worcester and 19 inches in Providence. For Auburn and Worcester these were record setting totals and for Providence it was one of the top 4 snow storms the city has ever seen.  We also a lot of single digit and sub zero day and nights during the February and March thanks to some strong winds.  During this snowy and cold snap our heating systems were working harder to keep us warmer and comfortable.

Your heating system had to burn a lot of fuel while doing all that work and if you have an older heating system than it worked harder and burned even more fuel.  After this cold wint…