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Spring Outlook

Looks like we have some nice weather to look forward to.
Raise your hand if your tired of the snow...okay everyone's hands are up.  From January 26th to February 21 everyone here in the Northeast got a weekly blast of snow with February 23 being the first Monday without snow in three weeks. With foot plus snow storm after foot plus snow storm and continuous sub freezing temperatures, we've had little time or help from mother nature to dig ourselves out from a record setting winter.

Currently the weather channel is predicting that everyone here in New England will see an above average March, April, and May for temperature.  This is very welcomed after a solid three-four weeks of freezing temperatures and several days and nights of sub-zero temps.  

With an average spring temperature of 42 degrees for Worcester and 46 for Providence, we should see even warmer temperatures than that if we'll have an above average spring.  That doesn't mean that…

Winter of 2015

Winter took awhile to arrive but it's here in full swing.
Over the past three weeks here in New England we have seen three major storms and there is more in the forecast for later this week.  Yes the snowy winter that everyone was predicting is finally here.

Winter started off slow, similar to last year with relatively no snow in December or January well at least until the end of January.  Then it all came barreling with one storm bringing 34.5 inches to Worcester and 19.1 inches to Providence. A second storm six days later brought another foot plus to both Worcester and Providence. We're now in the middle of a storm that could bring will over a foot and a half to New England.

While all this snow maybe pretty and fun for kids without school and adults who got to skip out on work due to travel bans, it raises some issues when it comes to delivery fuel to homes.  With all the snow that has been dropped onto New England the roads have become more narrow, reducing some street to sing…