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Brutal Cold

How to prepare for the coldStarting this afternoon, Friday February 12th through this Sunday the Northeast will see the coldest temperatures of the Winter. Temperatures will barely make it out of the single digits and feel like temperatures could reach -20's by Sunday morning due to powerful wind chills.  This can lead to a wide range of issues from frozen pipes, fuel run outs, and broken system due to over working. It is also important to understand the damage this kind of cold can do to your body with prolonged exposure.
It is important to keep your home's thermostat set to at least 65 degrees through this weekend. This is the best way to keep your pipes from freezing inside of your home. The most vulnerable pipes are those that are in external facing walls, this walls will be hit with extremely strong wind burst. You can buy insulating covers and temperature activated heating tape for your pipes at your local hardware store. These shouldn't be an issue in newer homes tha…