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Automatic Deliveries

How do you get your Home Heating Oil and/or Propane
For many homeowners life seems to get busier and busier without there ever being anymore time in the day. While at the same token some of us have a large amount of time and enjoy convenience. Other like to manage all aspects of their life. There are two types of home heating oil delivery that cater to these types of people.

Will Call, this is for those who like to be in control of everything or just simply like to know exactly when they will be getting an oil delivery.  Many people who use will call for delivery try to plan out when to order oil in relationship with the market. While this can certainly work sometimes, for the most part trying to predict the market is unreliable. Take a look at the market over the last two years, you'll see prices ranging from $4+ to $2+ to below $2.  From November of 2014 to February of 2015 to March of 2015 there were steep price decreases, then a sudden price increase due the cold weather freezin…

Getting What you Pay for

Price vs ValueOne of the most tried and true statements ever made is, you get what you paid for. In my past job in the tire industry this was always true for 90k mile tires vs 40k mile tires for high the price. The same can be applied to your fuel provider. 

Their are two types of oil providers that you can find out in the market, cash on delivery or COD and full service. COD companies take payment at the time of delivery of your oil and for the most part do not provide credit or payment terms. COD companies traditionally do not have a service department. So in the event that your heating system breaks down in the middle of the winter or your pipes freeze it may be difficult to find a company that will come out in the middle of the night.  COD companies, because they have less staff and therefore less overhead have much lower prices for oil deliveries.

Now a full service company, is a company that offers payment/credit terms, 24 emergency service, automatic deliveries, and usually equip…